Frequently Asked Questions
Q1. Do you give free trial?
A1. Yes, We give trial to understand our system. You can register with us & we will send you a trial call after 1 week for 2 days.

Q2. What are your charges?
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Subscription Charges

Our Services Equity Commodity Combo Trading
Period Trading Tips Investment Calls Ask The Expert Trading Tips Trading Tips
      Technical Fundamental    
      Price Per Scrip Basic Advanced    
1 Month 6000 - Rs 675
per scrip
Rs 2500
per scrip
Rs 25000
per scrip
8000 14000
3 Months 18000 - - - - 24000 42000
6 Months 36000 - - - - 48000 84000

1 Year

72000 30000 - - - 96000 168000
2 Years 125000 55000 - - - 175000 300000
3 Years 175000 70000 - - - 225000 400000


1. Subscribers will get access to the website in the paid section

2. Investment calls are for minimum period of 1 Year as we would wait for the best opportunity to enter trade and will hold for a longer period to get multi bagger returns and thus subscription for less duration is not available. Also note, that we do not give Trial for Investment Calls as the result cannot be seen instantly but only after a considerable duration

3. Price for Ask The Expert is per scrip

4. Ask The Expert - Technical: We would provide our views based on technical charts, volume & price action and technical indicators. Reply given within 24 hours

5. Ask The Expert - Fundamental Basic: We would do the basic fundamental analysis of stocks and give our research report. Reply will be given in 1 Month.

6. Ask The Expert - Fundamanetal Advanced: We will do in-depth analysis of the stocks and would also speak or meet with the management and related parties and provide you with our detailed research report within 3-6 months.

Currently, SMS Service not available outside India

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Q3. What are the modes of payment?
Mode Account No. Account Holder Name
HDFC Bank 01452020000573 NIKI IMPEX
ICICI BAnk 001805005826 NIKI IMPEX
Credit Card / Net Banking
  Click Here For Credit Card Payment Click Here For Payment by Net Banking
Send Your DD / Pay Order Address : 136, Raghuleela Mall Poinsour, Kandivali(W), Mumbai - 400067. India. NIKI IMPEX

Q4. Do You give Intra - Day Calls or Positional Calls?
A4. Our Nifty & Bank Nifty Calls are for intra-day. Other Stock Specific calls are positional,however, targets may achieve same day also.

Q5. What is your success ratio?
A5. A minimum of 75% success ratio is maintained at maximum point of time.

Q6. Do You Provide SMS Service?
A6. yes, we do provide SMS Service and Charges for the same are already given above

Q7. Do You send Emails/Newsletter/Calls by Yahoo Messenger?
A7. No, Currently we do not send emails/Newsletters/Calls by Yahoo Messenger.

Q8. When Does the account gets active after Payments?
A8. Payments By Credit Card / Net Banking from our gateway gets and instant access. Payments by cheque are activated after confirmation from bank (Takes mostly 2 Days)

Q9. How Do We get Username & Password?
A9. Username and Password are being filled by you while filling the registration form. The same username & Password will be activated by us after confirmation from bank and same will be intimated by us to your email A/c

Q10. Can we ask recommendations on Phone?
A10. We do not give recommendations on phone during market hours. Any Emergency Calls or Exit Calls will be given to you via SMS during market hours.

Q11. Do You have branches in any other city?
A11. No, We do not have any branches in any other city other than Mumbai because we have online support during market hours.

Q12. What kind of calls do you give?
A12. We give calls on futures & Delivery (Cash). We do not give calls on Options (Put & Call)

Q13. Do you suggest when to book Profits Or Exit?
A13. Profits should be booked as per your judgment, However Targets are given. Also, you should exit as per your judgment. However, Stop Loss has to be strictly followed.

Q14. What is your Refund / Cancellation Policy?
A14. No Refunds are provided as we already provide Free Trial before anyone takes our service

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Poisar, Kandivali (W),
Mumbai-400067, Maharashtra, India.


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