List of Stock Exchanges

A stock exchange is simply a market that is designed for the sale and purchase of securities of corporations and municipalities. A stock exchange sells and buys stocks, shares, and other such securities.

Being able to consult a list of stock exchanges when you are investing is a useful way to determine how the stock market is doing. Consulting a stock exchange listing can also give you a quick view of the types of stocks and investments you can make. The international stock exchange is very complex, and the investor looking at the New York Stock Exchange listing is likely to have a very different way of looking at investments and the stock market in general. This is because each stock exchange world wide is affected by local events. For example an exchange in America may be affected by a local political issue that does not affect an Asian exchange.

Also, each of the international exchanges has different qualifications for listings and so offers different stocks and securities. Even online stock exchanges, presumably less affected by borders than their building-based counterparts, will often differ in their listings and their stability. Staying abreast of various stock exchanges can help you become a better investor.

Bombay Stock Exchange
The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) is located in Mumbai, and is considered one of the oldest stock exchanges in Asia, as it dates back to 1875. The exchange lists 3500 companies with a capital of $466 billion. This exchange is considered among the 6 largest in the world.

National Stock Exchange

The National Stock Exchange (NSE) is located in Mumbai, and is considered one of the oldest stock exchanges in Asia. Its Office is located at Bandra - Kurla Complex, Mumbai, India

Toronto Stock Exchange
The Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) is the biggest stock exchange in Canada. The listings of this exchange include companies from the United States, Canada, and other countries. One of the largest stock exchanges in the world, the TSX is headquartered in Toronto, with major offices in Winnipeg, Vancouver, and Montreal. Operating since the 1880s, the TSX is currently based on a floorless, fully electronic model.

American Stock Exchange
The American Stock Exchange (AMEX) is headquartered in New York City, where it is one of the largest stock exchanges in North America. With a history that dates back to the beginning of the American union, the AMEX is known for having some of the most lenient qualifications for listings. Even smaller companies that do not qualify for listings with the NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange often qualify for a listing on the AMEX.

Euronext N.V
Euronext N.V. is a stock exchange that is pan-European, and in this it is unique in that it tends to ignore borders. Several European countries have stock exchanges that are subsidiaries of Euronext.. Euronext offers information and clearing services as well as stock exchange and securities exchange services. This stock exchange was actually a merger of existing stock exchanges in Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam in response to the merging of European money markets in 2000.

New York Stock Exchange
The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is considered one of the largest stock exchanges on the global list of stock exchanges. Based in New York City, the NYSE lists more than 2 800 companies that have a total capital of $20 trillion. A fixture on the American money market since 1867, the NYSE now uses wireless handheld electronics to allow traders to sell and buy quickly on the floor.

Prague Stock Exchange
The Prague Stock Exchange (PSE) is the second largest stock exchange in eastern and central Europe. The PSE allows only licensed traders who are members of the exchange to trade using the system.

London Stock Exchange
The London Stock Exchange (LSE) is based in London and is considered one of the largest exchanges in the world, with more than 2700 companies on its listing. Opened in 1801, it actually has a history that dates back to 1697. Today, a computerized system is used in trade. The LSE includes the EDX London, which is involved in derivatives and the AIM, which is the main market as well as the market handling alternative investments.

Tokyo Stock Exchange

The Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) is the second-largest stock exchange market in the world, with more than 2 300 companies offering more than 2 000000 shares. The vast majority of listings on the TSE are domestic. Only about 30 companies on the list are not based domestically.

Now that you have a list of stock exchanges to refer to, you have a better understanding of the key players on the stock exchange market. Knowing the major world stock exchanges can help you understand the stock exchange listing you see in the news and can help you make wise investment strategies.

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