Stock Parameter

Stock Parameter Definition

Face Value (F.V.)
The nominal value of scrip stated by the issuer.

Book Value (B.V.)
Book Value is the net worth (equity capital plus reserves and surplus) divided by the number of shares outstanding.

Market Price (M.P.)
The current market price of the security traded on BSE. The market price is the closing price as stated on the bourses..

Market Capitalization (M.Cap.)
It is defined as the value of corporation as determined by the market price of its issued and outstanding common stock. It is arrived by multiplying the closing prices of shares with fully diluted equity capital.

The average quantity of shares transacted over a period of 15days on BSE and NSE.

52 weeks High/Lows
The 52 weeks High /Lows represents the highest and the lowest point attained by a share during the immediately preceding 52 weeks.

Price to 52 Week High/Lows (P52WH/L)
It has been arrived by dividing the current market price of the stock by 52 Week High/Low. It indicates how the stock has performed over the period of 52 Weeks. To interpretate P52WH, the lower the ratio, the more unattractive the stock. Similarly, the higher ratio for ratio for P52WL, the more attractive the stock.

Earning per share (EPS)
EPS is net profit calculated on a trailing 12 months basis (aggregate net profit of four consecutive quarters ) divided by fully diluted equity capital

Price to Earning Ratio (P/E)
It has been arrived at by dividing the day's closing price of a scrip by its earning per share (ESP).

Promoters Stake
It is the percentage share holding of promoters in the equity capital. It includes government's holding in case of public sector undertaking .

Beta is the shares sensitivity to market movement. It indicates how much the scrip move for a unit change in the market scrip. Beta could be positive or negative. A negative beta indicates that the share moves in a direction opposite to the market. The beta of the index is 1.A higher beta indicates the stock's movements are sharper than that of the market index.

Stock return
Stock return tells about how much return a particular stock has given over the past 1-month,3- months and 1-year.

It is defined as the latest subscribed equity capital.

Networth determines the value of the company. It is calculated as the difference between total asset and total liabilities. It is composed of primarily of all the money that has been invested since its inception, as well as the retained earning for the duration of its operation.

Book Closure
A company closes its register of member for updating the records to facilitate payment of dividends or issue of rights of bonus shares. Book closure is the period during which this process is done and deliveries are not effected in the clearing house.

Dividend is defined as the distribution of a portion of a company's earnings, decided by the board of directors, to its shareholders.

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